Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cassette Review: Hit School "Hit School" (Already Dead Tapes and Records)

[$5 // Edition of 100 // https://alreadydeadtapes.bandcamp.com/album/ad212-hit-school-hit-school]

I like the name Hit School because even though it could be a reference to somewhere you would learn mixed martial arts (or even if you want to think of it as something out of "The Karate Kid") it could just as easily be in reference to the fact that every song by this band is a "hit".   My mind wanders back to the Guttermouth album titled "Hit Machine" for reference on this one.    But then I also just believe that Hit School has their name not because these songs would be on the Top 10 like Michael Jackson but because if you saw Hit School live you might get punched in the face.

Somewhere between thrash and ATDI, somewhere between singing and screaming, Hit School begins this cassette hitting hard and does not let up.    Machine gun-drum machine beats can be heard as this comes somewhere between rock n roll and The Dedication as well.  It has those chaotic bits like The Lot Six but can stay somewhat grounded like Dana Fowler And The.    Elements of hardcore can also bring out a band such as Snapcase, whom I love still.

Back in the early '00's I was really into music which sounds like this, as I can recall seeing a number of the bands I can find influences for in here.   But as the '00's progressed I felt like more and more bands started sounding the same (and too many bands which claimed to be "hardcore" had some emo in them, which really became like this Hot Topic scene unfortunately) and a lot of that is why I stopped writing about music for a few years.  I just... I didn't feel that same sense of pride upon hearing a new band for the first time- such as Sex Positions- and experiencing the way they were changing music.

Now I sit here, some ten years later, and can feel Hit School changing that.   In some sense, if you really want to look back to older hardcore, such as Victory Records or Revelation, you'll find their bands on cassette, so perhaps this being on cassette is what has done it versus some label now thinking they are too good to put out cassettes but totally will sell vinyl for $25.   But really I just think that Hit School has a sound which found them on Already Dead because Already Dead puts out quality music of all genres where as another label which specializes in hardcore might overlook Hit School because they won't be played in Hot Topic.    That, in itself, is a reason to listen to this cassette I've been waiting ten years or more to finally hear and change things forever.

Cassette Review: Future Ape Tapes "1093" (Fall Break Records)

[$5 // Edition of 50 // http://store.fallbreakrecords.com/album/1093]

I will admit that I enjoy when bands have the word "cassette" or "tape" in their name but only if they actually release their music on that format.   It's kind of like... Why would you call yourself "The Cassettes" and then have your music be only digital or on vinyl?   It's not that hard (nor expensive) to put some songs onto a cassette and the more that I can find artists who are willing to have words related to "cassette" in their name the more I like them because, to be blunt, it looks good on a t-shirt.    Future Ape Tapes does sound like a label name as well, which is probably another reason why I enjoy it so much.

The sounds on "1093" are psychedelic.   There is banging and there is singing.   It's trippy as we go through drum machines and tribal chanting.   In some ways, it reminds me of being lost in the desert with The Doors.    Complex guitar riffs take us into a speaking sense, which almost sounds like rapping to me, and then you get into this whole Talking Heads vibe as well (If only because you want to be in that 1980's/1990's era to proclaim this is not your beautiful house)    Hints of The Cure bring about lyrics about going back in time while I can hear the bliss of What Made Milwaukee Famous and the chaos of The Lot Six.

An interesting aspect of cassettes- which has always fascinated me- is that they have two sides.   So, if you have an album with ten tracks on it and you listen to either a compact disc or digital files, when it is over it will typically stop unless you have that repeat option enabled.    The thing with cassettes is that after listening to Side A you always go to Side B.   It's just what you do.   And sometimes you can have different songs on Side A and Side B, but sometimes, like with Future Ape Tapes here, the program can repeat on both sides.   I recognized this but admittedly it was not right away.

Listening to Side B- which was really my second time through "1093"- I heard more swirly psych with these deliberate plucks, bass and even a post-punk sound which for some reason made me want to go to the beach.    While it might feel like I just wasn't paying as close attention on Side A as I should have been (Like "You jerk! You should've recognized that it was the same on both sides right away!") I like to attribute it more to the complexity of the music rather than my ear failing.    And it just goes to further my point that you can listen to "1093" several times over- as I have- and take something different out of it each time.   Though, of course, I know now that Side A and Side B are the same... Sort of.    They are the same music, but they will provide you with a different experience.

Cassette Review: PKWST / Cancer Lake (The Centipede Farm)

[$5 // https://centipedefarm.bandcamp.com/album/pkwst-cancer-lake]

As with most confusing splits, this one has a track by PKWST first, then one by Cancer Lake and then on Side B it goes PKWST-Cancer Lake-PKWST with the split tracks between PKWST being about the same total length as the one in the middle from Cancer Lake.   For some reason, to remember the correct letters, I like to think of PKWST as "Peak West" without the vowels and I'm not sure how accurate this is (I didn't really look into it) but it works for me.

PKWST begins Side A with strong electronic synth drone with static or heavy distortion, depending upon how you look at it.    These demonic sort of vocals come through at times and it has these screeching, distorted guitars as well.  I don't know noise/drone has a subgenre for being metal/hardcore, but if they do then I'd likely put PKWST in it (I'm sure there is a fancy name for it, I just don't want to know what it is)   It's dark and then it comes to an end with these static skips that could be a video game error.

Cancer Lake has an eerie synth sound, almost like Jason Voorhees (Which oddly enough is a character based around a lake) but yet also slightly on The X-Files side.   It's got these chugga-chugga locomotive builds to it before turning into this massive space laser show.    The contrast between the two pieces are the differences between being in Hell and space, I would imagine, and yet somehow both are places I have never been and am only being taken to by the sounds I am hearing which makes for a fascinating pairing.

On the flip side, PKWST begins with windy static and screams.   By the end of the first track from PKWST we get talking which is an interesting and fitting end to the destruction.   Cancer Lake comes back with the chugga-chugga sound and I must admit that even the first time through it is rather easy to identify each artist individually.   The tracks don't take that long of breaks in between, but Cancer Lake does seem to have a lighter sound and as such you can really hear the difference and think "Oh yeah, we're back to PKWST now" when Cancer Lake is done with their slips and that slight bit of windy static.

PKWST ends things with those demonic screams and dark synth-like static that has that "Pulse" sound to it where the damned souls try to come through the machine.     As I listen to this more and more, and despite the talking at the end of the track earlier, I feel as if these tracks were split but might work just as well if they were given the even divide of PKWST being on Side A, and as such those three tracks flowing together, and Cancer Lake on Side B.  

If you should feel so inclined (and you should) I recommend downloading the five tracks (And pay the $2 because you probably spend more than that a week on something less artistic) and then arranging them by artist and listening to them.   With comic books and action figures I live in a world of variants and I think it'd be kind of amazing if there was a variant of this cassette out there without the divide.   I'm not really going to bootleg one because I feel like this was done as such for a reason but just the fact that you can switch up the tracks show how powerful this split cassette is.

Cassette Review: The Submissives "Do You Really Love Me?" (Fixture Records)

[$8 CAD // Edition of 200 // https://fixturerecords.bandcamp.com/album/do-you-really-love-me]

After recently listening to Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries my ideas of women in music were somewhat confirmed in the way that I believe not only should women in music be treated differently (as in if you're a woman in a band the sound guy shouldn't think you're the "merch girl"), but women on the whole need to be treated differently than they are right now.   I remember reading this quote some odd years ago from an artist I won't name again where she said that there shouldn't be such a thing as "female vocals", but I believe that "female vocals" should be as much of a thing as the difference between "guitar" and "bass guitar".

The thing is, and perhaps Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries brought me to this edge and The Submissives simply pushed me over it but music is very gender based.   People will constantly see men in music as men and women in music as women.   You cannot do anything about that, even if you're trying to hide your identity and making purely instrumental songs.   And the thing about it is that The Submissives sort of fall off of that cliff with me as they seem to dropkick all of those outdated ideas of women in music.    It's not so much the "We don't want the term 'female vocals' to be used because we're equals" as it is that Joan Jett style of rebellion which signifies "We're women and we're better than men so fuck you".

Everything about this cassette bleeds female and if you have a problem with that it is not that the music itself or my referring to it as such is sexist but rather that you might need to look deep inside yourself and find out where your ignorance ends.    It's hard to think of this as being anything other than The Submissives wearing their gender on their sleeve but rather than being, I don't know, upset about not being equal how about going out and proving that you can make better music than most men?  (Because that's what The Submissives do here and that's what I wish that artists I referenced earlier would do instead of conforming to stereotypes)

Dreamy sort of surf rock n roll at times brings about this sense of Nirvana and Kimya Dawson, which kind of makes me want Kimya Dawson to record a lo-fi Nirvana covers album but if it doesn't happen I'm okay with it.   It's just got that similar sound to some artists you probably already know and a small handful of them I like but feel they sound too similar, yet there is something about The Submissives which stands out from that crowd.   It might be the lo-fi quality, as a lot of other bands just have this... Too clean of a sound and I feel like they go into a fancy studio and really polish their songs (even if that is not the case) while The Submissives are just more raw.

In life and in music we need to stop thinking of everything as being equal.   Women and men are not equal.    Women can give birth, men cannot.    That's a fact.   So why pretend like their music has to be equal?  Sometimes a woman is going to make a worse song than a man and vice versa.   Really, music just needs to be based upon whether or not it is good- and that's also of personal preference- than of those involved in it and what gender they identify with.   Plus, anyone who rhymes "Betty" with "spaghetti" and has lines like "People call me crazy / But women are crazy" is all right in my book.  It's like something out of a rap album, but yet, it is a woman admitting women are crazy.  

I fell immediately in love with this cassette and I think the name "The Submissives" is based more upon what society dictates women should be, especially in music, and less of what this music specifically is actually about.    Really, this music is not laying down for anyone and if you have problems with women then you should get that checked out before trying to listen to this rock n roll masterpiece.

Cassette Review: Vlimmer "IIIII" (Blackjack Illuminist Records)

[€4 // Edition of 15 // https://blackjackilluministrecords.bandcamp.com/album/lllll]

The fifth installment in this series by Vlimmer takes me back to what I wondered about "IIII" only with more answers.   If we were doing Roman numerals, then why not "IV" instead of "IIII" but now it appears as if we are doing tally marks and not Roman numerals.    What's weird though is that for the proper tally marks of sorts you would do the slash across (which is difficult to type but I'd try something like "II/II") but for Roman numerals you just need the "V".   This also just makes me nervous for the next EPs because it is a series of 18 and then I'm going to be making fifteen tally marks and sixteen and the such, saying "Well, '18' is like '15' but also a little more like '12' but not like '17' as much" and instead of the numbers you'll be endlessly counting.

At this point, I feel like you should either be in or out with this EP series.   Granted, there are artists out there releasing music with numbers and you can randomly pick up a cassette without having them all, and the same can be said for this Vlimmer EP series so far-- that you don't *need* to own all of them to appreciate them but you probably should.   If you've not been a fan of Vlimmer before this EP series started than I feel badly for you, but we are at the point right now as well, a third of the way through, where you could still catch up and get the previous ones (maybe) and not feel like you're too far behind to get them all and have a complete set by the end of the fifteen.

From dark rock to ambient, Vlimmer has its own sound which can be quiet but never fades into the background.   Acoustic strums make me think of David Bowie while there are also dark keys and an overall feeling of destruction to the music as well.    I'm reminded of "Pretty in Pink" at times, but I also can just think of this as being post punk, like Thursday without the -core.    At this point in this series though I feel like Vlimmer is crafting their own sound somewhere between those who came before them (which would be in the 1990's and 1980's, when you consider artists like The Cure and Joy Division) but also with that modern touch.

What I love about Vlimmer and why you should still be listening to this EP series is the fact that it's 2016 and you can still hear new genres of music in the sense that Vlimmer is carving out their own sound while having these influences still.  I mean, a lot of bands sound like The Cure, for example, and when they do they even seem to feel like they will be stuck in the decades which came before now.   But Vlimmer keeps it modern while still representing the throwbacks and it's that sort of idea which makes this music that much more meaningful now and not just for the future.   In twenty years, people will look back at other artists as more of copies than anything else while Vlimmer will be that link between artists like The Cure and whatever the future holds.

Cassette Review: Electricity​/​Ryan David Stevens​/​Deer Surround Our Home​/​null​.​sys (The Centipede Farm)

[$5 // Edition of 50 // https://centipedefarm.bandcamp.com/album/electricity-ryan-david-stevens-deer-surround-our-home-null-sys]

This is a four way split between these artists.    According to the Bandcamp page they together make the band Gasoline Fight, who I have not heard of before but will be looking into now.    It reminds me a bit of when Culture Chester broke off into their solo projects on 5cm Recordings only instead of getting a cassette from each of these artists they are being presented in the form of one cassette.

Electricity starts things off with a piece called "Bullshit. Snakes." which is probably best described as harsh noise wall, though it is really much more than that.    It begins with this static as if trying to find the station on a radio.  A voice comes through the static, as if it is possessed and it reminds me a bit of the movie "Pulse" for some reason.   This continues, as the voice continues to come through at other times but not all the time.    The level of static increases to the point where it just begins to fill a room and start screeching.

Ryan David Stevens is the only member of Gasoline Fight I can place back to the original band because as I searched for Gasoline Fight on Bandcamp I found some of their music which I have downloaded and will now bootleg onto cassette, but he is listed as "guitars".    This piece is the sound of a lightbulb in an empty, hollow room.  It grows into waves and has some slight sharpness to it, but it never gets too harsh or loud and just seems to kind of ride this mellow almost droning sort of wave.
Deer Surround Our Home is one of my new favorite names because it hits close to home with me.   My grandparents used to own a farm which the land is now being turned into all of these million dollar homes.   And so it always made me wonder things like if the bears lived in the woods (and they did) and then the woods get taken out to make room for the homes, where do the bears go?   It's just a reminder to me that man should only fuck with nature so much and then after that leave it the hell alone.

Deer Surround Our Home (I want a t-shirt) also start things off on Side B.    It's static, but more in a windy way than what we heard on the previous side, and though there are these static crashes and other moments which aren't as peaceful but it can still somehow remain ambient at its core.   There are also these uplifting tones which help to push into that side that seems to make you happy more than bring you down and I'm cool with that.

The last portion of this cassette is by null.sys and oddly enough it sounds like something from the older days of computers.   It begins not too much unlike that first piece by Electricity, with the static radio singing.   It takes a turn into the alien and then there are voices talking as if in conversation.   Computer tones which can also be thought of as coming from modems or even video games bring out the electronics next and it just, for whatever reason, reminds me of my first PC back when we still had dialup.

Aside from the fact that you can get four similar yet different pieces here with this cassette, you also can hopefully be exposed to Gasoline Fight, who I just started listening to on Bandcamp now, and it just feels like, to me, that often times the music which keeps on giving is the best music of all.   Also, any of these four artists as individuals who want to release cassettes that are not splits and just an entire 60 minutes or whatever dedicated to their music itself, I'd really enjoy hearing that as well.

Loose Cannon Fodder #38 [09.23.16]

We started the new week- as we usually do- with WWE Monday Night RAW and I was actually excited to see the Cruiserweights in action.    Of course we opened with talking and this time Roman Reigns was mad at Rusev, which brought out just about everyone and that lead to Reigns-Rusev being signed for Clash of Champions as well as Rusev-Rollins and Owens-Reigns in a cage for tonight.   They could have just showed us a graphic and gave us more wrestling, but whatever.    Rollins vs. Rusev ended in a double count out because neither can really afford a loss right now, going into their respective title matches soon enough.

In a surprising move of the night, the Hulu 90 minute replay cut off Braun Strowman's victory over Sin Cara, Bo Dallas defeating a jobber and- gasp- Cesaro winning the sixth match and tying the Best of Seven Series with Sheamus.   I don't know who in WWE decided to let that be one of the matches they let slide this week- since I seemingly keep suffering through them and will probably watch Clash of Champions on Monday and fast forward through the final match- but I applaud whoever made that call.   Please, WWE, I beg of you.  Whoever decided to cut that match from the Hulu replay deserves a raise.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke def. Sasha Banks and Bayley and I must admit that I do enjoy that Dana Brooke is playing the unxpected foil in some ways to Charlotte right now, like making Charlotte's title defense a triple threat now for instance.   I've never been a fan of Dana Brooke but this role seems to fit her well since I also don't like Charlotte.   It will also interesting to see what happens when Emma makes her comeback sooner rather than later.

There was this awkward tag team match next where The New Day, Sami Zayn, Enzo Amore and Big Cass defeated The Shining Stars, Gallows & Anderson and Chris Jericho.  This was a lot of people in the ring at the same time and I wonder who this sort of match appeals to really.

Here is something I don't understand: why was Daniel Bryan a commentator for the CWC and yet he is not on the same brand as the Cruiserweights?   Mick Foley came out and stumbled over his line about it not being the size of the dog in the fight but it being the size of the fight in the dog.   This wasn't as bad as he then proceeded to READ THE NAMES OF THE CRUISERWEIGHTS OFF OF CUE CARDS AS IF HE NEVER EVEN WATCHED THE CWC.    Get Corey Graves in the ring to do the intros.   Fly me out there.  I don't care.   I know these guys a/s/l so it's rather upsetting when the GM of their brand seems... to... not.

Brian Kendrick won a four way to earn a title shot against TJ Perkins at Clash of Champions.    Gran Metalik looked small coming out on the big stage and I'm still not 100% sold on Cedric Alexander.   Though I'm still suspicious that one day someone like Brock Lesnar or Braun Strowman is just going to come out and destroy the whole division, but hey, hooray for reasons to watch RAW again.

It was odd that WWE seemed to throw all of the cruiserweights, all of their women and all of their tag teams into three matches, right??

In the main event of RAW, Roman Reigns defeated Kevin Owens by barely escaping the cage before him.   I always thought cage matches were strange- and this just furthered that belief- in the sense that if your opponent is climbing the cage and trying to escape, why would you climb up after him to try and stop him instead of, you know, running for the door?   I still remember when The Steiner Bros. fought Money Inc. in a cage though and won by Rick Steiner putting I believe it was IRS on his shoulders.   This match had that feel to it, which was all right because it was different and now somehow puts Reigns back (or still) in the title picture without Kevin Owens being pinned or submitted.    After the match, Rusev came out and beat down Reigns with Owens until Seth Rollins made the save.    I'm still having a hard time adjusting to Seth Rollins being a "face" as him saving Roman Reigns when he was feuding with him not that long ago just seems so rushed.

After RAW I was watching this TNA One Night Only X Division show for some reason and it was funny that they kept showing clips in between matches of "classic X Division moments", like, please remember that the X Division wasn't always this bad and we used to have really talented guys and it used to be better than WWE but then we somehow dropped the ball and... Yeah.    Everyone I wanted to see on this show lost in their first round matches so it was a bit upsetting.   If you watch it though, you'll get to hear HurriHelms say "Someone call 911 for that burn!"   Yes, really.

On Smack Down! we opened with a contract signing between Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss.   My problem with this is that I don't really like Alexa Bliss either, but I really don't want Becky Lynch to be champion any more.   I'm already tired of this whole "Becky Balboa" thing and people get mad about the same women dominating on RAW but, I mean, if this is the alternative... Where is Nia Jax?  She should be dominating on Smack Down!, really.    Can she just switch shows and come over and squash Becky Lynch?   But yeah, this segment was painful to watch.

The Usos defeated American Alpha to become number one contenders to the tag team titles because why not bring American Alpha up to the main roster and have them job out to one of the most forced heel turns I've ever seen.

Baron Corbin defeated Apollo Crews with Jack Swagger on commentary, building to a Swagger-Corbin match.   I'm glad Swagger has his priorities together by coming to Smack Down! to challenge Baron Corbin.

The Miz defeated Dolph Ziggler in a match which shows why Dolph Ziggler shouldn't renew his WWE contract when the time comes and go off and do his comedy thing.   We also saw another vignette for Curt Hawkins at some point in this show.   Now, I like Curt Hawkins and all-- we're both Mets fans-- but this gimmick hasn't even debuted yet and it's already stupid.    On a scale of 1 to 10 it's not quite as stupid as Eli Drake but I struggle to find something else which is worse right now.

Randy Orton defeated Erick Rowan in a singles match and I'm just waiting for Luke Harper to return.   Remember when Randy Orton was in Evolution and he had Legacy as his own stable?   Maybe it's time for him to get a stable again to help him feud with the Wyatt Family.

After a women's match, AJ Styles gave his thoughts on the main event and for the first time in a very long time John Cena lost clean on Smack Down! and it was to Dean Ambrose.    It was an interesting match but I still feel like they will have their own feud one day after their match with AJ Styles.

Impact opened with Matt Hardy trying to bring Brother Nero back to life.   Lashley then came out to cut a promo, which was kind of weak and I was wishing we were still watching The Hardyz.    Aron Rex won the first match of the night in the Grand Championship Tournament by defeating Trevor Lee and I already don't care about this title.  

Matt Hardy continued to put together the pieces at his compound and then of course Maria was in the ring to call out Gail Kim.   At this point, I'm pretty sure they're just going to have a shouting match for that title at Bound For Glory.   I read this interview with Gail Kim and she said this is something fans of TNA have been waiting something like eight months for, but really, I got tired of this feud, like, seven months ago.   Yes, I will admit that there are feuds out there which need a bigger build (Like Moose vs. Lashely) but this didn't need to last more than a month and now it has run its course ten times over.   Gail Kim should have won the KO Title by now and be holding it while be introducted into the TNA Hall of Fame and then, well, they could start a new KO era after that.   

Next up we had this interesting match with exposed turnbuckles (!) and also it was in an empty arena.   Rock Star Spud took on Braxton Sutter.   You know, the last empty arena match I remember was in WWE during a time when they were at the top of the mountain-- so much so that people would switch over from the Super Bowl at half time to watch it.  Now this... This just feels like people are going to be flipping through channels, land on this for a minute or two and wonder why no one is in the arena.   It's not "hardcore" it just makes TNA look poorly attended to the average viewer.   Also, I love how Josh Mathews felt the need to point out that they had to take all of the fans OUT of the arena for the match.   No, Mathews, I believe you.   It makes no logical sense to tape this match BEFORE the show when no one is in the arena yet.   Let's just chase everyone out mid-show and hope they come back for... Our... Main... Oh shit.    The match ended with Rock Star Spud spewing blood and, I mean, Spud always picks these fights and he never wins.   It just doesn't make sense anymore really.  

Matt Hardy and Brother Nero came out to challenge The Decay at Bound For Glory and, really, right now, this is one of the only matches I am looking forward to at Bound For Glory.   

Up next was a KO gauntlet and Maria replaced Allie with someone named Laurel Van Ness, who apparently was Chelsea Green on the most recent season of Tough Enough.   Maria said that Allie wasn't a wrestler and so she replaced her with someone better who was also taller and I'm hoping this Maria-Allie feud doesn't take eight freaking months for a payoff.   Jade was out first with Laurel Van Ness, then Sienna came out next.   Maybe Sienna and LV can be a tag team?  Should we bring back the KO Tag Titles?  (Too soon?)   Gail Kim is out next.   Gail Kim already has a title shot at Bound For Glory, so what is the point of this gauntlet again?  Marti Belle joins the match to remind us how few women are left in TNA.    Raquel was out next and she botched getting into the ring along... with... all... of... her... other... moves.   So who is left now?    Oh, and Madison Rayne is apparently still employed by TNA.   Apparently once everyone is out we have over the top eliminations which makes little to no sense but since we get down to the final two- Gail Kim and Sienna- it has now turned into pinfall or submission only.    People will complain that RAW is dominated by Charlotte, Sasha Banks and now Bayley, but at least that hasn't been going on as long as this.   

It was Sheera vs. Eddie Edwards in the next match in the Grand Championship Tournament, not that it matters because we all know Drew Galloway vs. Aron Rex is going to be the finals.   Probably.   But anyway, this was a fun match if you like, you know, not wrestling.    Edwards makes Sheera tap to probably go on and lose to Drew Galloway while I can only imagine Aron Rex will defeat Eli Drake.   Why is Eli Drake in this again?  That guy is the worst.  

In what could maybe be considered the main event, Lashley and Moose had this brawl going until EC3 made his return and the theme of this show seemed to be Lashley thinking he wasn't facing EC3 at BFG and, look, now they are going to face each other.   Ha!  What a clever way to end this fine program.  

NXT opened this week with Samoa Joe and William Regal telling us Shinsuke Nakamura would be out for six to twelve weeks and, yeah, I'm not going to enjoy that time without him.   Samoa Joe says he's going to wreck everyone on the roster if he's not given the title and this might be the time for Regal to consider trading him to Smack Down!.

Austin Aries defeated Oney Lorcan in a long and decent match.  I'm still not sold on the "Oney Lorcan" name though.   Aries called out Hideo Itami after the match but then ran away from him.   Aries-Itami should be great.

In two weeks Dan Matha is coming.

Billie Kay defeated Aliyah and I still just don't see it in Aliyah.    Another Sanity teaser aired.   

Cedric Alexander defeated Andrade "Cien" Almas in the main event and since this was being hyped as Alexander's NXT debut you knew he was going to win and, I mean, really, has Almas had a win since being in NXT?  I mean, he won his debut against Tye Dillinger (I think) and he has probably had a match or two since where he's defeated lesser card guys on the weekly show, but when it comes to opponents who matter it seems like Almas is on a terrible losing streak.    I don't know how WWE is going to turn this around and make him look credible in the eyes of fans again.  

Silas Young opened this next episode of ROH TV.   Steve Corino was back on commentary.   No more mask.    Silas Young tells some kid who has a sign that says "It's My Birthday" that he doesn't care if it's his birthday.    Silas YOung takes on Yano in a clash of styles of sorts, with Yano not being quite as serious as Silas Young.     With the tights, Silas Young picks up the win and then tries to do the post match attack until the Briscoes make the save.

Christopher Daniels cut a backstage promo about his upcoming title defense- oddly enough without  Frankie Kazarian- and he said something about being a bad father and telling time to fuck off.    Still, wshould be a good match with the tag teams and ladders and all.

"The Punishment" Damian Martinez comes out with Kevin Sullivan and BJ Whitmer to take on Cheeseburger.  I liked it better when he was Punisher Martinez and he lost in the Top Prospects tournament, but oh well.    It is also odd they put this match on at the same time Steve Corino returns to commentary.    Kevin Sullivan and Steve Corino on commentary together, arguing with each other, was more entertaining than this match and that says a lot since I don't really care about whatever these guys are trying to do.   At all.

In the main event, Adam Cole and "Hangman" Adam Page took on Michael Elgin and Tanahashi.   I still think Elgin got a bum wrap in ROH and wouldn't mind seeing him brought into TNA to kick some ass.   Also, Adam Cole is impressing me lately, and that goes the same for Adam Page.   These two as a tag team are money and could easily headline a PPV against reDRagon.    This was a good match to end the show on and with a Michael Elgin figure in my collection and Adam Cole on the way, I realize Tanahashi is sort of off limits being in New Japan (Though I'd still LOVE to see him in the Wrestling Super Store line) but "Hangman" Adam Page seems like he'd be a good addition in the future as well.  

Our newest episode of Impact opened up with Drew Galloway vs. Eddie Edwards in the Grand Championship tournament, which I somehow managed to predict without reading spoilers.    Eddie Edwards almost had the pin but then time ran out in the third round and it went to the judges.   Drew Galloway won via split decision- as if there was any doubt- and the way they made this feel like UFC was kind of boring to me.   After the match, EC3 came out to see Drew Galloway for some reason.   Galloway said he'd win the Grand Championship and give EC3 a shot but EC3 wouldn't last two rounds with him.   Lashley and Mike Bennett came out to beat down EC3 before Moose made the save.    I'm not sure I like the idea of Drew Galloway saying "I'm going to win this title and then defend it against you when you blow your title shot" or even the idea of EC3 winning the title and there being a champion vs. champion match already, but whatever.   We'll see what happens after Bound For Glory.

In our second match- so far no really long talking bits- Aron Rex defeated Eli Drake and to the surprise of no one he will be advancing to the finals against Drew Galloway.   Did they really have to make a new championship and this tournament to get to Galloway vs. Rex?  Seems like a lot of work for nothing if you ask me.  They could have just booked the match for BFG like they did with Mike Bennett and Moose.   Ah well.

The Decay had a segment about The Hardyz which I rather liked.   Once The Decay really got going with Abyss, they became one of my favorite parts of TNA.   Now, with them feuding with The Hardyz... I never want it to end.   This is just so great right now and undoubtedly the best part of TNA as well.

Cody Rhodes has a vignette announcing he is coming to Bound For Glory.   How many former WWE stars are in the big picture of TNA now?   I like the idea of Cody Rhodes in TNA because it feels like they will use him better than WWE ever did, but the thing is, it doesn't really hold as much value when every guy WWE fires goes to TNA and says they're misused and should be world champion (Aron Rex comes to mind)   And it just seems like TNA keeps pushing for that with every new signing when, you know, there are a ton of names out there who they could sign and push that have never been in WWE.   I'm not saying that TNA could sign someone like Naito because he likely has a better deal in New Japan, but still, why does it have to feel like all of TNA's talent are former WWE talent?

The Decay came out to the ring to cut a promo now.     Of course this brings out Broken Matt and then Brother Nero, who are in the crowd.   The lights go out and when they come back up, Crazzy Steve and Abyss are tied up to the ring and Reby begins beating up Rosemary.   I'm actually kind of okay with a Rosemary-Reby match for some reason.

DJ Z comes out and his opponent is Trevor Lee.   You have to wonder how the X Division will change in TNA in the coming months with WWE introducing their Cruiserweight Division now.   DJ Z won the match and then Andrew Everett got involved before Eddie Edwards made the save.  It's okay you lost your Grand Championship match deal, Double E-- you can come face DJ Z for the title now.   Eddie Edwards issues the challenge for a title shot to DJ Z, who of course accepts and it is on for next week.   Taking bets now on the Helms Dynasty getting involved and there being a tag match at BFG.

First, Maria defeated a wrestler who I could not identify and then a masked wrestler came out and revealed herself to be Gail Kim as she beat up Allie.   This was a rather pointless segment as we head towards Maria vs. Gail Kim which feels like it has happened a million times already.

TNA aired that Cody Rhodes teaser again, in case you missed it the first time.

Lashley and Mike Bennett took on Moose and EC3 in the main event.    This was about what you might expect in the sense that it was building up to singles matches for them.   It's kind of the reason why I don't mind Brock Lesnar working limited dates because could you imagine Brock Lesnar and Rusev teaming to take on Randy Orton and Roman Reigns before a PPV?   It just seems so out of place to me somehow, even though it seems to be the norm in professional wrestling.   At the end of the match, Billy Corgan set up Lethal Lockdown next week and the winner will pick the stipulation for the Lashley-EC3 match at Bound For Glory so if EC3 wins I'm guessing cage and if Lashley wins I'm guessing submission only.  

We ended our week with the newest episode of Lucha Underground, which wasn't much to talk about like the Marty The Moth-Killshot match we've seen so far this season.   But I feel like it was a building episode.   I was also kind of upset with it because Johnny Mundo told Daro Cueto in his office he'd be in his dojo instead of competing and then when the trio came out which was to have Mundo in it Matt Striker was all about "Where is Johnny Mundo?".   I understand if Matt Striker can't see the backstage segments like we can, but someone could tell him somehow, right?   They could certainly have better communication within The Temple so I'm not watching Matt Striker thinking he's an idiot because if you're paying attention at home you know the answer to his question.   In some ways, it's really just insulting to the audience, but hopefully next week will be a better episode.

So we made it up to Clash of Champions- catching up with everything previously- and I'm not sure we're going to actually watch Clash of Champions except maybe for a few matches here and there so next week we'll likely begin with RAW in an attempt to let you know how I felt about Clash of Champions as a show after reading the results.